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…we help women who are working/leading in male dominated industries to navigate their leadership growth with ease and confidence, without fear of failure.

(It is our aim to make leadership easy, by providing coaching and support platforms for women leaders to provide positive change to their organizations while, enhancing their individual potential to grow into their next level of leadership and ultimately promote coexistence of genders in male dominated work spaces)

Continuous Improvement. 

Book Launch On The 25th Of February 2023!

Self-Leadership Book for Women Leading in Male Dominated Industries

This book is a referral book which offers 52 Self-Leadership tools to assist women in navigating their leadership career/growth with ease and confidence, without fear of failure. It helps women to emerge as best female leaders in male dominated industries through having conversations with self, subordinates, colleagues and superiors. In this book you will also find recommendations on how to approach leadership in the male dominated industry while building a productive team.

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1.Women entering the male dominated industries.

2.Women who are already working in the male dominated industries.

3.Women leading in the male dominated.

4.Women who are lead by males.

5. Women who feel overwhelmed in their work spaces due to males presence.

6. Who needs strategic approach to leading a combination of traditional mature men and millenials.

7. Who needs a leadership approach in encouraging the coexistence of both men and women in working spaces.

8. Women entrepreneurs in male dominated industries.


1st: The wage bill amount up to 40% of the business budget in some instances so, it is imperative to make sure that the job is done via knowledgeable, motivated and trusted leaders. Enhancing your leadership potential will benefit both the employer and subordinates. We then help you to grow your leadership development with ease and confidence without fear of failure.

2nd: We also understand the pain of women, working in the industry that society has categorized as the industry for a certain gender.

3rd: We understand the obligations of being a leader and the need to level up to your position while owning up to your leadership role, Hence we provide tools that will help you balance your leadership growth without loosing yourself worth.

4th: We are capable of helping you build your productive team that is capable of understanding and making sure that the organization’s vision is achieved.

5th: Our lead coach has 22 years + experiences in the areas that we specialize on, leadership for women in male dominated industries, productive team building and corporate business leadership. She studied MBL with UNISA, qualified as a coach with Yelusa and maintain membership with COMENSA(Coaches and Mentors Of South Africa) Body. She currently has more than 200 hours of professional coaching.

6th: Our coaching and support platforms are custom based and programs are subjected to change according to customer expectations.


Since I started a small business there was a time I thought the business was running without direction, through coaching that’s when I’ve realised that it did have a direction but I was not using it (MY COACH)

Nesthar Mosoma – Entrepreneur

Coach Tinyiko‘s ability to really see me, she helped free the potential in me. Like most women, so much of what I do at work and at home is worthwhile but invisible and fragmented. Working with her helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in a bigger, more visible way.

Xolile Chabalala – Quality Controller

Working with Coach Tinyiko really helped

me with a sticky situation I was had at work and I found that in the session we had I was able to shift my perspective from being a victim in the situation to being a victor instead and find a way of moving forward that reinforced my new attitude.

Ofentse Tsipa – Key Account Manager

Just in one session, only less than an hour of coaching, Coach Tinyiko helped me pinpoint my why? I can’t go into detail but let’s just say it was always there and I just needed a coach to point me in the right direction. There is so much I obtained from the session, practical guidance which by implementing has resulted in significant changes, not only for me but my loved ones as well.

Tumi Phiri – HR Manager

She helped me in managing my time from preparing kids to school, myself to work, my weekend too her advice and coaching helped me even made me have fewer fights with hubby who always complain about my poor time management. Am looking forward to financial management and self-discipline sessions. We also did a bit of business venture side which I still need to finish and come back after I have other sessions.

Patricia Gomwe – Sales Consultant/ Entrepreneur

The sessions I’ve had with Ms. Motileni has made a positive impact in my life, all we touched on during our session about how to grow me as a writer and my confidence, how to get in touch with my spirituality as a whole has made me be more than just a 21 year old. It has made me plan and protect my future and its light, She gave me a head start and I’m entirely grateful.

Karabo Rakgole – Shop Assistant



(Leadership Specialist and Business Coach)



“Coaching on openness to new ideas is how I keep clients growing by enhancing their natural wisdom and discernment that everyone holds.” – Tinyiko Motileni

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Coaching Niche


I’m passionate about supporting women who are leading in male dominated industries.

I coach women to lead with ease and confidence without fear of failure.

I speak and promote coexistence between different genders in working spaces.

I also coach women to have courage and start their own business. 

My specialty

Leadership and Personal Development

Understanding Self-Leadership

Leading in your space of work

Unleashing Personal Development

Realize your strength and potential to thrive in you work space and become your own person

Understanding Your Uniqueness

How to never change yourself as a woman and become a man just because you’re in a so-called man’s world

Unleashing Your Potential

Not to be afraid as a young female to enter the male dominated industries

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