We are known to be:

A leadership support platform for women leading in the male dominated industries.

We serve:

  1. Women leaders in the male dominated industries
  2. Women whose careers are propelling to the leadership positions.

Coaching Framework

The framework for our coaching services rests on four pillars

1.  Shift your mind-set towards the intended leadership identity

2.  Make productive decisions and take much needed actions

3.  Keep on levelling up through continuous improvement tools

4. Build a productive results driven team

We Promise:

Transformation to becoming an exceptional leader by finding balance during your leadership growth

while navigating your career with ease and confidence without fear of failure.

Your Transformation experience:

  1. Unlock your leadership potential by mastering self-leadership strategies
  2. Shorten the time to hone your leadership craft by mastering leadership strategies

Your Tangible Outcomes:

  1. Rise to your power without making noise by fixing your leadership mindset
  2. Make much needed decisions without fear 
  3. Lead with ease and confidence
  4. Lead strategically
  5. Become an Integral part of the team
  6. Transform into your next leadership position

Our Solutions Offered Are:

  1. One on One coaching
  2. Group coaching programs
  3. Team building programs
  4. Self-learning programs
  5. “The Level Up Club”

Our Deliverables Are:

  1. Leadership assessments
  2. Personality assessments
  3. Crafted roadmap to reaching your goal
  4. Coaching bible to track progress
  5. Reflection sessions


Through the partnership of professionals TinyikoM Strategic Projects will be recognized for its continuation of bringing innovative leadership and business coaching platforms for women working, leading and doing business in male dominated industries Platforms that would be easy to access and valuable to all who make business with us


TinyikoM Strategic Projects aims to provide coaching and support platforms for women working, leading and dealing in male dominated industries for them to provide positive change to their organizations while enhancing their individual potential to grow into their next level

Our Background

The lack of coexistence between different genders in working and business spaces especially the male dominated industries was the reason why TinyikoM Strategic Projects was born It has been evident that we need awareness programs, coaching platforms, and support systems for workers and entrepreneurs to learn more about an inclusive idea Mostly the lack of coexistence is part of the reason why female leaders struggle to perform and take ownership in their leadership roles especially in male dominated industries and female entrepreneurs fail before their businesses can even start

Our Values



We use Narrative and Vision caching for leaders and gratitude coaching to enhance positivity which is what is most needed from our clients to move to the next identified level.




We Provide the most professional service through collaboration with other professionals for a common goal.



We believing in the ability of every individual to grow to the next level!


We always do as promised.


We provide a safe space to learn on.

Our Coaching Perspective and Philosophy

It is our believe that any human being has an ability to grow and develop to a level where they can be in a position of empowering others. Coaching on openness to new ideas is how we keep our clients growing by enhancing their natural wisdom and discernment that everyone holds. Trust, respect and confidentiality are our root source of professional, excellence and success in growing our clientele. We perform better when the client has complicated matters by connecting and listen attentively to gain more clarity and authenticity of the client.


Different coaching models like the grow and fuel models are used to explore, enhance potential and inspire clients through sequence of understanding their past, present and future.


I was 22 years old employee entering the mining and manufacturing industry. As a young black female nothing prepared me for the male-dominated industry! The only thing I knew was that, now that I had completed my diploma, in any job that I could get, I would do my best to climb the corporate ladder.

2 years into the industry I was promoted to a leadership role. That was exciting for me until I started realizing the hardship of being a female leader in a male-dominated industry from both black and white males.

Now that I’ve learned how to stand for my truth in the industry for 22 years +, I took a stand to answer my calling and become a coach, who is turning women’s wounds into wisdom and provide them with tools and support to navigate their leadership career growth with ease and comfort, without fear of failure.

I use my team building skills to help organizations build productive teams and achieve the required goals.

I also help female entrepreneurs to start and lead their business in order to change their financial status and give their next generations the freedom of choice while impacting other peoples lives positively.

Tinyiko Motileni

Leadership Specialist And Business Coach


We use theories like the Awareness Wheel and Hope Theory to help a client to learn about self-perspective


We also use Narrative Coaching for leaders and gratitude coaching to enhance positivity which is what is most needed from our clients to move to the next identified level


The Positive Psychology Coaching model helps to leverage our client’s strength and talent in a fastest way to reach their identified goals